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What service should I choose?

According to your backgrounds and job intents, choose the best services below. 100% satisfaction, money back guaranteed
Strong candidates : Resume polish, Interview coach, VIP package,Fortune 500 Ride/Full time placement
Less strong candidates: Senior Mentorship /Apprentice
Resume+Cover Letter

20 minutes Phone consultation
Personalized resume and cover letter
Feedbacks from your mentors
3 rounds of revision
Money Back guaranteed
Strong candidates will get referrals


12 hours Phone Consultation
Life-long advice
3 months Period
Real Experience from your mentor
Strong candidates will get referrals

Interview Coaching

Behaviour interview consulting
Technical interview consulting
Money Back guaranteed
Future 500 experienced professionals will help you survive interviews
Strong candidates will get referrals

Fortune 500 Ride

Fortune 500 placement
Professional Consulting
Only sold to selected VIP candidates
Money Back guaranteed


Self-evaluation, external assessment, mentorship

VIP Package

  • Membership
  • 1.5 hour interview coaching
  • Mentor is selected from your target company
  • Resume Polish
  • Cover Letter Polish
  • Money Back Guaranteed
  • 24 hour email support
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The Apprentice

  • 8 Seminars
  • Resume Polish
  • Soft skills improvement
  • Hard skills improvement
  • Networking
  • Elevator talk
  • Money back Guaranteed
  • Tailored for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors
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Senior Mentorship

  • 3 Months Mentorship
  • 1 hour meeting per week (12 hours)
  • Resume+ Cover Polish
  • VIP Interview Coaching
  • Networking
  • Strong candidate referral
  • Money back Guaranteed
  • Tailored for Seniors, Graduates, and PhDs
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Full Time placement
  • Membership
  • Mentor driver 500%
  • Recruiter driver index 500%
  • Team support index 500%
  • RealTime Phone Support
  • Money Back Guaranteed
  • Social Media Index 500%
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Our Focus

Mentoring and coaching from real professionals and top companies.
direct placement

innovative direct placement; Money back guaranteed if no offers; covers international job market.

career mentor

provides shortcuts and save you hurdles in career; position you to the best careers by 360 degree analysis of your skills, emotionality, interest; grasp your own life.

Free Media--USACareer

Career daily gives insights about international job market,wechat:USACareer

salary lookup and industry analysis

We help you know the job the market, know the compensation and industry and position you to the advantaged edge.

  • Web Hosting
  • SEO
  • Multinational Marketing
  • ERP systems
  • UX design
  • Company formation and paper work
  • IT training
  • legal consulting

About US

RewardRefer is a career-oriented social networking consulting company. We provide professional career related services, including but not limited to resume polish, interview coaching, etc. In the past two years RewardRefer helped 200 people found jobs and internships.

RewardRefer is a career-oriented social networking service. It's mainly used for job hunters, professionals, and recruiters to exchange career-related information.

Our business spans career coaching, hiring solution, information technology, IT training, e-commerce and legal services.

  • First direct placement services

    By enrolling in the direct placement program and have us as your agent, you will get referrals faster than Linkedin, and focus on preparation of interview.

  • Elite Mentor

    Career advice from elite mentors at fortune 500 companies.

  • Resume and Interview

    Coached by fortune 500 VIP mentors enable you stand out

  • Career Planning

    Stay in US? Back to motherland? change company? Status? Listen to our experts.

Direct Hire Program
Social Network


RewardRefer is able to provide personalized service for group, organization, and individuals & Quality guaranteed.
Rewarding Direct Placement Program

Submit your information and jobs will find you.

Dream Company Program

Applying for big company need long-term planning. Come and listen what mentors say...

Career Analysis

Do you still believe biology and chemistry can earn you a high salary? Are you still dreaming of becoming a professor? Are you still seeking TA and RA? Come on, en-long your insight. International studies are not just for knowledge but for a better job followed by a better life. Come and see why professors jumped into industry, why seniors changed careers, why colleagues quit the full time job.

Interview Coach

50+ top company,2000+ career coach,east and west coast,US and China, on your list.

Resume+Cover Letter Polish

Different cultures, different companies have different bias of resumes. Are you ready for the target company?

Salary Lookup and industry report

Are you under-valued or over-valued? Should you hop for a new job? Should you stay in this city? How much are your peers paid How much are people paid in other industries. Come and join this program...

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