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It can be difficult to apply for jobs and figure out what to include in an application. How do you tell what information is important? How do you start the introduction? How to make a pitch? At Rewardrefer, we can help you prepare every single question. Our cover letter writing service is a 101 tutorial for beginners where we offer a wide range of support to help perfect your cover letter. No one is born a master for cover letter and resume before they learn the trick and start practicing. There is no point over worrying about things you need. Simply register with us and we can help you start from the ground.

We do not reproduce other resource or use a cover letter/ resume writing template. The writing will be of excellence and originality, customized for each client. There will be an individual consulting writer assigned to fulfill the order. And we know, timing is critical. You will be contacted once we receive your inquiry and we will help you deliver end product of quality within the shortest deadline. Why not try us to get ahead in the job market?

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We aim to make sure that our customers are satisfied. If you decide to trust Rewardrefer, we can return the trust with a positive and rewarding experience.

Another bonus we offer is the opportunity for unlimited revisions of your order. It is simple and easy to request a revision. After you have received your order you simply contact us within seven (7) days. It is important to us that you are incredibly happy with your final result and we work hard to give that to you.

不同的公司需要不同的Cover Letter,Cover Letter可以让HR将你的简历从海量的数据库中找出来,如何在有限的字数内更好的展示出最好的你?如何用已有的经历有效证明你的能力以及潜能?Rewardrefer cover letter 服务将帮你解决这些难题,让你的闪光点跃然纸上,从众多申请者中脱颖而出!


Rewardrefer文书服务坚决杜绝使用模板,而是通过职场导师与申请者进行有效的沟通,充分挖掘自身有助于其申请的经历历程、闪光点以及潜在能力,同时结合申请公司以及学科的特色,因地制宜因人而异地为申请者书写能够有效充分展示其个性和能力的Cover Letter


在申请者与Rewardrefer确定具体Cover Letter服务业务之后,Rewardrefer会立即安排指定的一对一文相关的职场导师进行Cover Letter所需素材的收集。在职场导师收到申请者反馈回的素材之后,会就相关内容和问题与申请者进行沟通。在Cover Leeter 书写的整个过程中,申请者都可以与文书书写进行实时沟通,对Cover Letter提出修改意见和建议。

高质量Cover Letter

我们书写的Cover Letter都是在文书书写充分了解申请者自身情况并与申请者多次充分沟通,根据申请者的意见和建议进行修改完善后完成的。Rewardrefer的职场导师会根据你的经历找出你的优势,并提供整理结构或是内容上的具体建议,我们提供的不仅仅是文字上的修改,在修改的同时,会深化你Cover Letter的内容和专业度,让你的强项在众多的申请者中脱颖而出。