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  • You may have issues or problems in your job history that you don’t know how to handle in your resume. Perhaps you have employment gaps, or short periods in a number of jobs and worry about giving the impression of being a “job-hopper,” or your job history is very diverse and doesn’t point in any one direction.
  • A professional resume writer can apply layout and design to enable your document to present you to your best advantage with potential employers.
  • Resume writers are also well-versed in the keywords you should use so your resume appears in searches in the employer’s keyword searchable database.
  • Many job-seekers just don’t have an objective grasp of what their most marketable skills are and how to highlight their best selling points. Or they have difficulty brainstorming their own accomplishments. A professional resume writer can help you identify these important points.
  • After an in-depth consultation and background analysis to showcase your skills, you will have a winning resume.Our editors make sure that your resume stands out from the crowd of applicants.


职场小白,手上少一块进入职场的敲门砖. 学位,实习,社工,经历,零零总总都在脑子里,但就是拼不出那个未来的霸道总裁. 来吧, 就让我们的专业团队为你量身打造.


1. 为您提供简历撰写, 导师与你的专业100%匹配

2. 简历撰写导师来自美国500强大企业,有多年一手职业经验

3. 一对一,亲历亲为


1. 30 分钟初步咨询,收集素材,了解您的职场目标

2. 撰写简历

3. 20 分钟一对一,讨论修改

4. 两次修改机会

5. 背景强的客户可能获得内推职位机会

6. 可要求VP 及以上的导师辅导,加收20%费用