Senior Mentorship Program-Pre Referral


Product Description

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For lots of people, a job hunting is a stressful time.  In any field, having a professional mentor can help individuals develop and advance their careers. Our mentors from fortune 500 company are here to help you uncomplicated your job hunting experiences. Mentors will explore with you about career planning, networking, project development, prepare your interview, etc.


  • 3 month Mentorship
  • Meet 1 hour every week (12 hour )
  • One email per week.
  • Schedule via schedule system
  • Strategic career planning, company locating, industrial and salary, career path, etc.
  • Strong candidate will be referred
  • Great value for Junior, Senior, Graduates, PhDs


对于大多数人来说,找工作不是一件轻松的事,有专业的职场导师为你的职业生涯出谋划策无疑会帮你在激烈的竞争中拔得头筹。 我们来自fortune 500的导师将全力帮你职业生涯规划,和职场人士networking, 简历项目润色,面试辅导等


  • 三个月的辅导期
  • 每次一小时总共12小时
  • 每周一次邮件跟踪
  • 通过rewardrefer的预约系统预约
  • 涵盖职业生涯规划,申请策划,工作选择,项目深度润色,面试准备
  • 适合大三,大四,研一,博士